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Vermillion International launches third generation ferry

Endless seas running between the small isles is what is most attractive about Maldives. Ferry services are available for travel between short distances, and then there are ships, safari cruisers and a lot of other modes of sea transport available to explore the blues. Vermillion International, the official and exclusive transport operator in the central province assigned by the Maldivian Government has built a third generation ferry with 60 passenger seats. Unlike the wooden platforms they normally have on ferries, this 55ft long ferry will have comfortable seating and also an inbuilt area for patients. It also comes with separate wash rooms for ladies and gents. "We have an approximately 6ft wide and 10 ft long area for sick people who want to lie down. Our objective is to provide as much as comfort for our business partners", explained Ali Shaheen, Managing Director of Vermillion International. In business mentality it is a huge risk to initiate innovations, but then again you want to risk it to get the biscuit. "Our motto is to provide the best transport facilities and we hope that the launch of this new series influence others to upgrade their transport facilities as well". These ferries run 15 miles per hour and it's rather fast compared to the normal ferries. It will gain its actual speed when it completes 100 miles, said Shaheen. The ferry will start its services within a day or two and for any distance the ticket price will be MRF20. It would be just like the taxi services, convenient and affordable. He also said that two more ferries will be launched rather soon and the current ferry will operate only in Meemu Atoll. The company had invested MRF320 million on the project and hence the series is named Vermillion 320. Vermillion International is a reputed travel agency and has also won the Indian Ocean's Leading Travel Agency 2008 at the regional World Travel Awards (WTA).