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Maldives Souvenirs For Your loved Ones

Like Maldives souvenirs? Now you can buy online with us and we will ship your items via post. We accept paypal for all souvenir purchases. Please contact or chat with us to get shipping charges for your country. All items will be shipped within 1 business day and tracking number will be emailed to you if applicable.

Pink coral Necklace (7.23mm Bead, 19") - Price $39
pink coral

Pink Coral Necklace (8.30mm Bead, 18") - Price $39
pink coral2

Pink Coral Necklace (6mm Bead, 17") - Price $15
pink coral3

Red Coral Necklace (15.42mm Bead, 19") - Price $176
red coral

Red Coral Necklace (15.82mm Bead, 19") - Price $214
red coral2

Red Coral Necklace (18.84mm Bead, 20") - Price $360
red coral3

Lacque Vase Maldivian Art Masterpiece - Price $78

Dhoni the traditional boat model - Price $20

Maldives postcard with hand written message from you - Price $5