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Scientists have found a fish that have endless life

Scientists have found that a jelly fish called Turritopsis Nutricula that have an endless life and never dies due to old age. The fish have an endless biological life. However, it can still die due to diseases or injury. The fish just like any other living creature gets aged along its life and when it reaches a particular stage it regenerates itself. In concept, this process seems like giving birth to yourself when you reach old age. This is one of the spectacular findings of this century in aging process.

fish with endless life

It has been sometime after this finding but it is rarely known by the people. May be people tend to think it is totally improve to live and endless life. If you have never heard of this before, you may still not believe this. Have a look at the information on Wikipedia about this.

There are many researches conducted for age longevity. Findings show some of the foods help prolong age. These foods are nowadays called Super Foods which includes different types of berry, noni, cucumber, avocado, coconut etc. With physical fitness, these super foods help stay healthy which eventually prolongs life, as per studies.

The finding of jelly fish seems to be incredible breakthrough which ordinary people like me wouldnt actually think it could ever be possible. Its a stunning fact. Now, there may be scientists who are busy studying the immortal concept of this jelly fish to apply it for humans. To make human live forever, just like jelly fish. Im not saying this is possible or not, but, studying more might be beneficial for us in one or the other. For example, if this regeneration process could find us a away to cure cancer cells by regenerating the dead cells, it could be something really worth.