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Map of the Maldives

maldives mapmaldives mapmaldives mapmaldives map

This Map of Maldives includes all resorts in the Maldives, airports, local islands and desert islands. You can use this map to plan your holiday. Look for the right atoll and its not difficult to spot your resort. You can check near by islands to your resort, you can plan excursions or just learn more about Maldives islands. You may also try google maps (, with sattelite view the Maldives Map & Islands Locations is amazing, you can see clear images of islands, lagoon and even reef. Its a great way to explore your destination before your arrival. With Google Maps or Google Earth its very easy to find rooms in best locations of the island. Then you can request the resort to reserve it for you. But, note that your request will not be kept noted and provided to you based on availability. If you want everything to be just perfect for your honeymoon request the best and you may turn to be of extreme luck. Also take a look at other pages, you will find detailed information on Maldives holidays and what Maldives is all about.

There are 1190 islands of which 200 are inhabited with residence, 130 developed as resorts and about 20 islands leased to agriculture and industrial activities. More than 800 islands are believed to be touched and preserved for future generations. Maldives has 26 natural atolls which are divided into just 20 atolls for ease of administration. The capital of Maldives is Male', located in central Kaafu Atoll. Rufiyaa is the local currency and US Dollar is widely used across the country. You do not need prior visa to visit Maldives as a tourist. All tourists get visa on arrival at the airport.

Another interesting fact you can find on is the map of equator crossing the Maldives between the island of Fuvahmulah and islands of Gaafu Dhaalhu Atoll in the southern parts of the Maldives. There has been many myth about the equator, but in reality it is just an imaginary line that divides South Pole and North Pole in the mid point.