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Environment friendly fishing in Maldives

Fishing is the second major economic activity in Maldives. But, the way Maldivians catch fish is not very industrial like in other countries. Here people fishing nets only to catch bait fish, it is not used in deep sea. Every tuna is caught one by one, with pole and line fishing. Greepeace said this is more ecofriendly and sustainable than other methods. The Maldivian method does not catch fish in huge quantities. If you use a fishing net its like scooping out the whole school in one go, including small fish which are not grown enough for consumption. All these negative effects are avoided with the Maldivian pole and line fishing.

This practice of environment friendly fishing has been in practice in the prehistoric days. Our forefathers paid for care to sustainability than to fulfill their daily need quickly, even in very hard times in the economy. The later generations followed the same principles.

Though the fish is caught one by one, you can see in the video that the fisherman are very skilled. For an ordinary, just to stand on board without a hand support would be difficult in rough weather. But, these fisherman seem only to care about the catch, seems like never tired and you can always see a fish in the air. The fishing boats are specially designed for Maldives style of fishing. The fish gets rolled on the upper deck and slowly gets collected to built-in tanks in the fishing boat.

Traditionally our forefathers did not use ice, but in modern generation the fish lands on ice as soon as it is caught. It says fresh until return home and fisherman would sell their catch at fish market. Out of 200 inhabited islands, many of them dont have a proper fish market. In these islands they sell catch on the beach. Fishing boats return from fishing in the evening and people would gather at beach to buy.