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Maldives Climate - Weather Condition

Climate of Maldives is mostly dry and sunny whole year. Maldives is located at the equator and experiences two climate changes, northeast monsoon and southwest monsoon. In both climates the temperate varies little between 28 degrees and 32 to the maximum. The climate of Northeast monsoon extends from January to March. During the climate change it rains usually for few hours a day and sea becomes rough. After about a week the Maldives climate becomes normal.

Maldives is sunny through out the year and few hours of rain is expected daily during the climate change. Maldives is very tropical with hundreds of small islands and its not easy to predict which islands will get rain. During the Maldives climate change most of the islands get some rain daily and this continues for about a week. Its not advisable to plan your holiday based on monsoons as you cant get it accurate.

Winter in other countries is considered high season in Maldives tourism industry. Most of the tourists want to escape from freezing cold and stay in sunny Maldives. October to March is usually high season and prices are up. Discounts, free nights, free upgrades are often available in law season, especially around June - July period.

Average climate in Maldives over a month: