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My trip to China and the amazing Hot Pot

Editor's Blog: This is my second trip to China. This time its a city called Xian in Shaanxi province. Last time i was in Shanghai, it was about an year back. Being Maldivian it was not easy for me to get along with Chinese cuisine last year in Shanghai. I always hated the dark saucy dishes. But after coming Xian things have totally changed, not all Chinese dishes are dark and saucy like i hated. In Xian I its very easy to find a lighter Chinese cuisine that is very similar to international. The cuisine I hated lot now the one I really enjoy, but its totally a different version. China is a big country and its not difficult to imagine the food greatly varies from city to city.

On new year's eve I enjoyed a dish called Hot Pot which is very famous in this city. A famous hot-pot restaurant is just beside my Xi An apartment. There are many restaurant specialised in Hot Pot. Its a boiling soup pot on a flat-top stove fixed in the table. You get to order the combination of meat and vegie you want to boil in the soup pot right in your table. I ordered mutton, beef, squid and beans. Everything comes in thin slices. You just have to pick one with your chopsticks and dip it in boiling soup for couple of seconds and its ready eat. In freezing winter with temperature below zero it was just perfect. I greatly enjoyed the Hot Pot. I wont be surprised to see this in a Maldives resort, it was that good. Chinese cuisine doesnt always mean dark and thick soya dressing.