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Go for cheap hotel or apartment in China

Editor's blog: Not all travelers are rich, or even if you are you may not want to spend much on your travel. There could be several reasons. These days I meet lot of budget travellers who want cheap rooms anywhere. They save from accommodation and spend that saving on food, I found it gives more value for money. But, how would you find cheap accommodation? Everyone knows about the budget hotels, its just little bit cheaper than others and also a lot low in condition. So, I would says its not a good option in terms of value for money. Other options are guesthouses, tourist inns and apartments. This is the part that impresses me. Now the apartments are not only for locals, its for tourists as well and closely at local rate it gives great value for money. When I came to China, all I wanted was clean, new-looking room from a good location. Yes, I am staying in an apartment in Xi An, China, on my winter holiday. At nearly local price its very cheap for a tourist like me. My room is in 33rd floor of an apartment complex. Security is strong and community is very peaceful. Its a great location, almost any type of food is available in walking distance, supermarkets, cinemas and just about 5 minutes walk or closer. My apartment is not inside the city center, that's what makes everything cheaper. If you want to visit City Center its about 15 minutes by taxi, its not easy for non-chinese to travel in bus as bus stations have everything written in native Chinese. I had a friend with whom I often took bus and its very efficient, mostly crowded with people but it wasnt a problem for me as I paid only 0.50 RMB.

If you are a foreigner I recommend you book things from a good Chinese travel agent who have English speaking staff and 24 hour helpline. Things are easier and save you lot of money this way. I found my agent very helpful. They are based in Xian, but offers services throughout China. Best thing is they consider convenience when they offer an apartment for foreign tourists. Here is the contact details of my travel agent from Xian China.

Traveling Bestone
Xian, Shaanxi Province
China. (sorry I dont remember the complete address while writing this blog, may update address later)
Phone: +862984204671 (Speaks English as well as Chinese)