noni fruit

Anti-cancer fruit native to Maldives

Scientists say noni fruit or morinda citrifolia is a great anti-cancer fruit and have many other heath benefits. This fruit is native to Maldives, many islands have noni trees grown naturally on its own. Noni is very different from all other fruits. It is the only fruit that I know have strong spicy taste. It's smell is also very strong, some people dont like the smell though.

noni fruit

Noni tree gives fruits all around the year, it's not a seasonal fruit. Once ripen the fruit has to be plucked and kept in a container for further ripening. It will ripen one by one. If you kept for too long it will get too soft it breaks into pieces when you hold.

noni maldives

Tomato is good for heart, if you cut half it looks like human heart chambers. Similarly, noni have cell-like pattern on the outer skin and helps to cure cancer cells. If you are interested you may consult a doctor and perhaps more research has to be done on this fruit to know more about it. It is the only spicy fruit that I know, which makes it different from all other fruits.

Morinda citrifolia is the scientific name for noni. The fruit is not available in Maldives resorts, but I have seen in few resorts they have this tree, though people dont eat noni fruit. People do not pay any attention, tree just grows on its own.